I have been writing code ever since I got my first computer (1982 I think?). I taught myself the Basic language, but was pretty horrible at it. Over the years I taught myself other languages, eventually getting decent at C, Visual Basic, C++, Fortran and Pascal. As my career has progressed further, I’ve added some other tools to my programming toolchest: C#, Java, Ruby, ObjectiveC, Swift, Kotlin, JavaScript, Go and Python. I’m sure i’ve forgotten a few from the list. Learning a new language is now pretty straightforward, but to be very proficient in any language or platform takes a consistent level of time and curiosity. Over the last 10 years I’ve dedicated most of my time and energy to learn as much as I can about the Apple platforms iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS. It has been great to spend time trying to develop a deep knowledge in a narrow domain.


After making my first iOS app and releasing it on the AppStore, I started making non-computer related things such as halloween decorations, robots and other wierd stuff. I love electronics and putting LED lights into things (with or without their permission).


Even after years of being in the tech industry and learning a lot, I still realize how much I don’t know. Now I make lists of things I want to learn. And I make lots of things. I try to ship lots of things. It doesn’t always matter how grand or complex something is, everytime I make and ship it there is a new skill that I have learned. So ALWAYS BE SHIPPING. And ALWAYS BE LEARNING.


Random facts

  • I have the key to the city of New Orleans.
  • My middle name is the same as a character from Lord of the Rings.
  • I don’t have a degree but I’ve attended 4 different colleges, one of which I’ve done 3 different points in time.
  • I like to make things from toy Elmos.
  • I have a poster from the original Star Wars album set.